Earlier this year I released the first version of the “Friendica Archive Browser”. In the intervening months there has been some churn on some big Diaspora instances. While I haven’t used Diaspora much since 2019 I do federate to Diaspora instances from Friendica. I also still have a soft place in my heart for my time developing on the Diaspora code base. Because of that I decided to make the “Friendica Archive Browser” the “Fediverse Archive Browser”. It now supports reading in the archives generated by my Friendica Archiver tool for Friendica or the archives generated from Diaspora’s built-in data exporter tool. They share identical features between both archive versions.

Those features are:

  • A timeline view of all posts with any federated comments that it knows about
  • Post’s are rendered with HTML and any known likes/dislikes
  • Any photos that are attached to the posts are rendered with the posts
  • Links in the post will generate OpenGraph previews and can be clicked on to open in the browser
  • Can filter the timeline based on:
    • Text in thep ost
    • Date ranges
    • Only with comments
    • Only with images
    • Only with videos
  • Shows “orphaned comments” which are comments you made to posts which aren’t known in your archive (likely other user’s posts or comments)
  • Can click on the link to go to the original post on the server, if available
  • Can copy the entire post content to the clipboard for use in another program
  • Can export post photos to the disk in a more convenient location
  • Shows the statistics of your posts including :frequency per day of week, month of year, or year, a heatmap per year, and who posts most. Posts statistics can also be filtered by the same terms as the timeline
Friendica Archive Browser Screenshot

You can find the latest release at the Downloads Page and the source code at this GitLab repository.